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How it all started

It all began when our CEO Zain Ahmed started working in the Retail & hospitality industry at a young age for businesses which were owned by family&friends. It was here Zain noticed that Staff can be very unreliable in the hospitality industry. He always thought the staff were to blame as he presumed they were taking advantage of the business owners. However, after looking into the roles he realised that these staff faced a lot of high pressure & stress. That's when he began thinking of ways to make their jobs easier. He realised that if the businesses made the jobs less stressful for the employees by using the right machinery then the employees would be under less stress & pressure. If business owners could find a way to lower the pressure & stress employees face, they would see a higher employee retention rate, that is when Zain began researching the robotics industry to see how robots can benefit businesses without taking over jobs.

However, as Zain was doing his research in the industry he noticed a lot of elderly people that live alone who need support, and don't have access to fresh meals. They always needed to constantly rely on support workers or family for fresh home-cooked meals, and when the support was not available they had relied on microwavable & takeout food, which in the long term can deteriorate their health.

So Zain decided that before going into the business sector he would make it his mission to give support to those who need it most 


Redefining the Way 
We Work

Our mission is to give support to those who need it most. We want our Robots to be cost-effective for every household worldwide and create a stress-free work environment for our everyday employees who are the face of our nation. The most important part of the engineering perspective is trying to ensure as much of our materials are recyclable & reusable for the future. If we are developing robots to help the people then we as a company believe we should do our best to respect the land we live on.


Our Journey So Far


The spark

It was in 2013 when Zain Ahmed realised that robots could help the masses. 


The first steps

Between 2013-2018 Zain was focused on his career & never had the time to think about the robots, but around 6 months into 2018 Zain decided it was time to do something about it.

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